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Had an amazing weekend, now looking at his stats and trying to decide what to do next. Advice is encouraged and I won't think it's telling me how to play him. I'm looking for ideas atm.

So I worked it out before going in the 24hr. Smithy was a rank 49.8 character with the useful stats of a rank 22.6 (arguable rank 19.1 if you remove the dubiously useful order castings) Guard who follows the moral obligations of the Paladins.

If he was a dodgey git using the fact that his guild has few moral obligations then that would be a reasonable trade as the defenders have some pretty strict moral obligations. Instead I have him allied with the Paladins and he ends up following an even more rigid code. I'm starting to get the feeling that it's irresponsible to play him as the stats are just so bad for a rank 50 character. So what are his stats? He's in 16 armour, has an easily broken shield and strikes for 10s. He also doesn't have enough toughness or willpower to resist any rank appropriate effects (2 and 1 respectively). If it wasn't for the fact that I enjoy RPing him so much I'd consider retiring him to be a system NPC, Marcus practically offered that on the creation of the Artisans guild, which would be a fitting retirement for the character I suppose.

This leads me to my questions as opposed to simply "wah-wah": What do people buy at high ranks? It seems like everything I could buy is silly expensive, insignificant or both. My original concept of class-changing to Priest at around this point isn't possible and I completely agree that it shouldn't be. If I was a legitimate rank 20-ish guard who swapped to pure priest at this point and possible eyed up the Wardens then it would be horrific. However, that leaves Smithy up the creek as to get even the strength chain and enough standing to use it on my stuff is going to costs over 20 ranks ( Strengthen 2,3 and 4 are 18, 24 and 30 points, 70 standing is 140 points, prayer is 12) which seems silly expensive for what it is. Getting his damage up to a point where he can affect things otherwise is going to involve triple strength at 80 points plus most likely a favoured superior weapon, which isn't outside the realms of possibility I suppose, but seems like a pretty major investment to add 4 damage while relegating everything else he can do to dodge and/or bounce to most things at that point.

I could buy up more toughness and willpower at human warrior cost, but I'm never going to reach "I'm immune to effects" levels as a dedicated caster is always going to be able to beat that curve. Maybe I just need to accept that it's not as bad as it seems, invest a bit more in shield and none armour defences and accept that 2h weapons are always going to wreck people, that's their job afterall.

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