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Ok a proper update for what's been going on post-Misty. In which spent all my money on potions.
Route 24:
Oh gods, the bridge. Managed to make it across without losing anyone, but that's half the potions gone.
Caught! Hattie, level 14 Oddish. Whoo! Something that isn't normal type! I might be able to start the slow progress towards building a team with some depth rather than hope and prayer now.

Route 25: So. Many. Trainers. I also KOed the Venonat which appeared, Alice is simply too powerful with her quick attack. I've now seen Bill and have no potions left plus a good amount of damage on each team member.

Route 5: Caught! Irene, level 5 Jigglypuff. Are you kidding me? Irene has gone to the PC, unless something goes horribly wrong I don't expect to see her again.
Casualty! So with only two trainers that I have to battle but everyone on a fair bit of damage I had to resort to taking risks. Mostly relying on quick attack, sleep powder and low kick causing a flinch or getting a critical. The latter two failed.
RIP Bert level 3 - level 19. RIP Derek level 4 - level 16. Bert is a big loss, after Alice he was the highest level on the team as well as being the third pokemon I caught, I'm gunna miss the monkey. Derek is big deal as well, I was really counting on his confusion to deal with Erica and Lavender Town. Plus the effort of raising him from a metapod means that I cared about that guy :(

Made it to Vermillion and got out Hattie and bought supplies, thank goodness for super potions!
Diglet's cave: Caught! Jason, level 16 Diglet. He's getting trained up to tank Lt. Surge and getting a couple of TMs to boost his moves (body slam and I don't remember what else). I'm also switching Frank to prime position as I need more elemental pokemon on the party.
At this point I heal up knowing that Jason being healthy (or at least able ot take anormal attack or two) is going to be essential for Lt. Surge.
Route 11: Caught! Karl, level 19 Dowzee. Heck yeah! Karl is going to fill the gaping void left in my party after Derek died. Could not have asked for a better find here.

SS Anne: Time to beat up some trainers. Between Jason, Hattie and Alice we decimate the trainers here. I think I'm in love with Hattie and her absorb against sailors with water pokemon *swoon*. Alice has evolved into a Pidgeotto.
John shows up and we give him a good kicking, Jason solo's his Eevee as it insisted on using nothing with growl and tail whip *shrug*. Jason has also become my cut-slave forgetting whatever the other TM I gave him was.

So, Lt. Surge and the roster looks like:
Frank, level 15 Magikarp. He can finally do something! No, I don't want him to do anything yet!
Jason, Level 22 Diglet. Tank, tank, tank the ineffective electricity!
Alice, level 22 Pidgeotto. I can see a Diglet's cave training montage for Frank coming on where you will feature prominently...
Hattie, level 20 Oddish. I don't have favourites, but if I did... She only has about 5 PP left for absorb...
Karl, level 19 Drowzee. Not used him since capturing.
Lady Catherine the Second, level 10 Ratatta. Yes, I'm a bad trainer. No, I don't care.

A couple of levels for Jason and Frank sees that gym completed without breaking a sweat. Hurrah! Dig 1 hit KOed everything except Surge's Riachu, but left it so low that a cut finished it off.

Time for a diglet cave training montage to evolve Frank and go pick up HM05 which I totally forgot about.


So, everyone is out of PP on useful moves expect for Lady Catherine and Frank. Frank is at level 19 and 104XP from reaching 20. Can he take on a single Diglet? It's level 21... And it spends the whole battle using dig (swap to Alice to receive the attack) and growl! I'm now the proud owner of a Gyarados! Teach him bubblebeam and watergun so that I never have to see splash ever again and we're sorted :D Karl has become the unfortunate nominee as tribute to become a flash-slave. Thanks for taking one for the team buddy!

Route 9:
Frank DESTROYS every trainer on route 9. I almost feel sorry for them as I 1 hit KO everything, then I think back to pre-evolution Frank and don't feel so bad.
Caught! Liam, level 15 Nidoran male. Make it to the pokemon centre and withdraw Liam for Lady Catherine.
Time to face Rock Tunnel and *cries* I don't have a Zubat anymore, chances of getting a kick-ass rock pokemon over a zubat are kind of slim...
Caught! Say hello to Moira, level 16 Geodude everyone! Could not be happier about NOT finding a zubat.
Liam get's Thunderbolt at this point to clear Zubat's quickly. Combined with Double-kick he should gain a few levels here, which he does, becoming a Nidorino which I immediately evolve into Nidoking as Horn drill is over-rated.

The state of play on leaving Rock tunnel is:

But I now have plenty of super potions, so I'm going to skip the pokemon center here and save it for if I need one later in the game. My biggest problem is PP. Liam no has uses of double kick or thunderbolt left and Hattie has no uses of Absorb left. I'm hoping to keep leveling Karl (who doesn't have that many uses of confusion left) and use the max ether I found for his confusion as well so that he's in a good position to take on Erica. Moira is going to get trained up a bit as well for the inevitable "if a pokemon can have self-destruct, it will. Furthermore, if I has selfdestruct it will use that move early in the fight." in mid-level gen 1 pokemon. I don't want to lose someone in a huge explosion.

Total body count: 6
Lest we forget. Cathy, ratatta level 4 - 4. I forgot metapod can do something besides tackle.
Erin, Spearow. Level 9 - 10. Critcal hits are a thing.
Sparks, Pikachu. Level 5 - 19. The Misty Catastrophe.
Gabby, Zubat. Level 11 - 11. The Misty Catastrophe.
Bert, Mankey. Level 3 - 19. The long march (to Vermillion)
Derek, Butterfree. Level 4 - 16. The long march.
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