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I which I forget that I'm meant to be documenting things
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Ok a proper update for what's been going on post-Misty. In which spent all my money on potions.
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I'm fed up of a lot of things at the moment and increasingly viewing trying to hold a rational debate online as trying to play a game of chess against a pigeon (ie. No matter what you do, what moves you make, etc. the pigeon is still going to knock over all the pieces, shit over the board, strut about like it won then fly back to it's flock completely unchanged by the experience).

Because I'm fed up of that I'm going to go with a LARP meme I saw on Reddit. What would your character likely be doing if there were born in our world with approximately the same background and upbringing an appropriate number of years ago (elves get to pick an approximate age)?

Smithy: Born in the early 60's to a rural working class family. Would have gone to a secondary modern school and achieved very little in the way of qualifications. Would have likely found an apprenticeship local to his village as a builder, carpenter or even a farrier. I don't really see him getting involved in the punk movement, he'd probably be more of a prog-rocker. Advances in medicine would mean tragic backstory didn't happen and he'd likely still be living with his childhood sweet-heart within a days walk of where is grew up.

Wildmane: Would have ended up far more like myself than I'd usually like to admit. Classic rebel without a clue as a teenager, I can see him studying politics and being a vocal Green party activist these days. Not sure what he'd do as a job, probably something boring that he (not so) secretly hates.

Failhbe: ... Bugger. Ok, let's think this one out a bit. Born in rural northern Scotland from a family of fishermen. Just looked up some facts about the prospects for people who relied on fishing in rural Scotland in the 90s. That was depressing. So, he finds something that's decidedly /other/ and interesting plus he's got an inquisitive mind. Science! That gives him a good excuse to leave the home he knows to the scary south for university and find out that the English aren't that bad. Now if he stays down south to do a PhD he can even have layers of guilt about not going home and looking after his poor family.

Piglet: He's old enough to be a baby-boomer and from one of the rougher parts of London. Not very bright to leaves school with nothing and joins the army. The army's good for him, teaches him a lot of valuable life lessons and keep him out of crime. I don't see him getting promoted far beyond Corporal, but the job suits him well. He'd have been retired from that for a while now, perhaps he'd have gone into private security on leaving? I can see him as a crusty old security guard, complaining about his dodgy knee and reminiscing of his army days. Thinking about it, he'd also make a half-decent PE teacher.
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I think everyone here knows about my crazy heart. Below the cut I'll talk about that and what's going on with it at the moment, mostly to let me sort my headspace about it all.
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I need to post something about this game. I've just finished playing it and it is without a doubt the most intense and imersive game I've ever played. I'm currently torn between telling everyone to go out and play it and warning people to stay away becuase it has all of the feels (inlcuding some serious sad feels).

It's essentially a chose your own adventure book but as a video game, but this is the first game that's made me cry through caring about the characteres. Films, yes, books, yes, but until now, not video games.

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So, I finished a map of the area of Grey's Earldom that Smithy grew up in. It's based loosely off the area of north Essex that I grew up in because I'm lazy like that (I've taken some liberties in making it further from the sea and spreading things out to make a more frontier-like population density.)

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Me and Suzy are thinking about going to the Oxford Folk Weekend (next weekend 15th-17th Probably looking at pootling around Oxford, getting some lunch and seeing some Morris, then going to the afternoon Ceilidh and possibly the French Bal depending on energy levels. To be clear this is a thing we're thinking about rather than have bought tickets and are definitely going to. That being said, is anyone else interested?
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Had an amazing weekend, now looking at his stats and trying to decide what to do next. Advice is encouraged and I won't think it's telling me how to play him. I'm looking for ideas atm.

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Bad Ideas?

Sep. 22nd, 2015 09:46 pm
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Ok so commitee said that my idea for running something that wasn't TL as part of BathLARP was quite understandably taking the piss as I was trying to minimise the effort I needed to input to run an entirely different systemw ithout making my own LARP.

That being said I can't get the idea of running a high threat, low NPC, survival based LARP out of my head. I'm looking to use "TL light" rules in something similar to the a town from the KoE transported to another plane of existence with no way back. Key themes are: limited resources, low/nil NPC power, slow character progression and encouraged cahracter retirement at higher power levels. What do people think? I might post what I'm got as rough notes tomorrow, we'll see.



Jul. 2nd, 2015 07:16 pm
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All the cool kids seem to be posting about their gardens at the moment so I've decided to jump on the bandwagon. See more under the cut.

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