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Ok then, let's do this.

I liked bulbasaur so let's go for the grass/steel type starter Orchynx which, being a cat, I'll call Kitty. First battle with our Rival and... I'm glad I withdrew that one potion from my PC. They get a paralysis move as well as water gun at level 5!? Ok, so beat him and on with the game. Catch our first pokemon a chyinmunk that we'll name NotRatatta because that seems to be it's place in the game. First battle to get it XP and it dies *sigh*.

Into Route 1 and we get another Chyinmunk (I have the dubious clause off) called NotARat, get to first town without a gym and into the obligatory tunnel, NotARat gets killed as well. Balls. At least Kitty is going alright at level 12. Head down to Route 2 and catch a Birbie called Burd and speak with the resident neighbourhood stalker before the first gym battle with Maria. This should be a good XP feast for Burd as her speciality is Normal which will do very little against the Steel of Kitty.

Beat her to get badge 1 and this is what our team looks like:

So thoughts so far? Good grief there are a lot of new pokemon, this is kind of cool, but guessing their type is annoying. The story is much better than I remember from previous pokemon games (no spoilers) and one of the plot points is a stalker? Really? This is why we can't have nice things.


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