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Just went to my first exercise class as something different to the weights room and jogging for exercise. It was well taught but I've got to admit that it was quite a bit different to what the guy advertised it as which was a mostly male strength training and endurance class. Instead I'm the only guy there and it's an intense cardio regime. Now to explain, I don't like cardio, having a cardiovascular disease I'm not good at cardio. I'm also mule stubborn and already in defensive mode having turned up to a situation well outside my comfort zone for it to not be what I thought. For those of you that have seen me in a more intense LARP fight you'll also know I'm not desperately well co-ordinated and the class involves lots of "do what the instructor has just said, but in she used abbreviations and you can barely hear over the 'energetic':read annoying music". It was also run in a fitness shop to encourage attractive people to be there doing exercise to guilt people into buying stuff.

So I'm flailing around looking like a doofus while the other people who have clearly done this class before are following the routine fine and have better cardio stamina than me which means that I'm constantly trying to up my game by putting in more physical effort, making every move as fast and as large as I can even if I'm confused and out of time while everyone gives me slightly funny looks (except the instructor) and customers int eh shop are giving me really dodgy looks. So in summary: downside: I'm now a little bit broken, feel very silly and think I'll be sticking to solo exercise until I can nurse my wounded pride and pulled muscles. Upside: I can totally see the funny side of it now (post-exercise high?) and you all get the imagine of me flailing around trying desperately to be not terrible at excercise. Being out of time, pretty much folding over to catch my breath between exercises and generally looking like the opposite of what the shop wanted to do with their free exercise class thing . I imagine they wanted attractive people (maybe that explains why so many women!) being all co-ordinated and stuff. What they got was a weirdy scrawny nerdy beardy flailing and gasping for breath and sweating profusely.


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