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First things first I caught a Tubjaw in the last city which is a new water/dark pokemon and gets a 50% damage boost to biting attacks. I like this.
Plot happened! I thought I was playing a pokemon game, what's with all this plot!?
Anyway, been doing a lot of levelling up and the team are getting stronger. Managed to evolve Pinchy and Kitty, not only that, but shortly after levelling Punchy I gave him some coconut water to heal him. On the down side it didn't heal him, on the up side it evolved him again! We visit a nuclear power plant for plot and have caught a nuclear owten called Rads. Nuclear type is new to this and is basically pokemon who've got a bit funky from exposure to radiation and is a total glass cannon, nuclear type is super effective against everything (except nuclear) and everything (except nuclear) is super effective against it. I don't particularly fancy having a glass cannon in the group, so Rads is staying on the bench.
We go on a ferry ride (for nostalgia!) and beat up a grieving child (for ...?), because I think that we're the bad guy in version. Time will tell, but I suspect that. Head out onto route 8 and we encounter another loss in the form of WetBug. There's a fire/flying parrot pokemon in this version, everyone else was getting hurt so gave it a try, they use a flying move and bye bye WetBug :( However, we catch Missy the Misdreavus, a ghost pokemon who immediately joins the A team to give more diversity. We then take part in the worlds strangest side-quest (crop-circles?) and receive a new pokemon ET the S-51, unfortunately it's IVs are terrible, so it won't be part of my A team. Then we level up Pinchy! a lot because the next gym is Steel and I don't have a fighting or fire pokemon.
On defeating the gym the team looks like this:

Gah! It failed to save the post-gym screen shot, Pinchy was on a single hit point. I was almost certain that I'd lost him. Missy on half health and Kitty injured.
How are their stats I hear you ask?

I'd just like to take a moment here to marvel at exactly how ridiculous Pinchy looks now. Fantastically ridiculous, but still ridiculous.
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