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I which I forget that I'm meant to be documenting things

So, documentation for those following along at home wasn't exactly good over this stretch, sorry about that. I'll try to make up for it towards the end.
Unfortunately I need to teach someone the HM rock smash in order to actually progress and even worse the only one who can learn it is Kitty, so that will leave him with 3 useful moves for the rest of the game, *sigh*.
Route 3 lets me catch an Owten who I'm calling Hooty, this is also a little irritating as I now have two flying/normal types. But it's better than having 2 pokemon.
On to gym the second where all of the pokemon are "things found in caves" so mostly ground type, which means Kitty just kerb stomps them. Tasty tasty XP.
Route 4 lets me catch a new bug type pokemon, Sponee, the bugs in this version come in 3 flavours, fire, water and electric. So Sponee will be called Wetbug, hurrah for more team diversity!
Now for another cave where I have to go around with our rival as the pokemon attack in pairs. On the plus side he heals everyone after each fight on the down side having a completely unknown entity on my side in each fight is awful. I /just/ managed to catch a Grozard called Gladys, which adds a ground pokemon to the team (yay for immune to electricity).
Manage to catch an electric sheep, Mareep who I've called Mary on route 5, more diversity! which is cool and head on to the irritating side-quest. I call it this as it forces you to fight a bunch of Owten on route 6 who I didn't realise counted as the first wild pokemon, so no new catches here. After this the party is as follows:

So looking pretty good, for completing the quest I get an EXP Share which is awesome! It shares fully half the XP from combat with whoever is holding it then assigns the rest as normal. So if you give it to someone have them come out first and then swap fora stronger pokemon they get 3/4 of the XP and the strong one only gets 1/4. It's amazing!
Battle my way through the rest of route 6 into Rochfale Tunnel, where I find a Gliscor I've called Gloria. She's Ground/Flying which gives immunity to both ground and electric moves and so replaces Hooty to add a slightly different type-sub type to the team. I want to replace her with a new type asap. I would like some fire or ice and psychic in the party really.
Route 7 nets me a Cocaran, a coconut shell dwelling hermit crab who is water/ground type, so no new types here and is also a defence heavy creature like Kitty so won't be making the A team.
This leads me to Bealbeach City. The team currently looks like so:
Where Mary, Burd, Wetbug and Gladys have evolved since I first caught them. The team hasn't quite got the coverage I want in terms of elements and had a heavy defensive focus which I want to correct, I also have some truly shocking IVs on some of these mons (I'm looking at you Burd, Gladys and Mary. For those unfamiliar with the IV/EV system a pokemon gets IV assigned to it when you first encounter it, that number varies from 1 to 31, with better numbers making for a stronger stat. EVs are increased by battling and generally go up over time. So taking Mary as an example, her Attack and Defence are worse than special attack and special defence. The first I'm no as bothered about as I can simply teach her special rather than physical moves (like thundershock) so her attack stat doesn't matter. Her poor defence stat means that physical attacks do more damage than they would otherwise, which is more problematic. I haven't paid much attention to these up to now, but there might be a slight party shuffle in light of this...
So yeah, Gladys has been swapped out for Pinchy! Who has better IVs, the special defense and special attack are worse, but as I said already I'm not too bothered by special attack and it's better than most of them being poor!


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