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I'm fed up of a lot of things at the moment and increasingly viewing trying to hold a rational debate online as trying to play a game of chess against a pigeon (ie. No matter what you do, what moves you make, etc. the pigeon is still going to knock over all the pieces, shit over the board, strut about like it won then fly back to it's flock completely unchanged by the experience).

Because I'm fed up of that I'm going to go with a LARP meme I saw on Reddit. What would your character likely be doing if there were born in our world with approximately the same background and upbringing an appropriate number of years ago (elves get to pick an approximate age)?

Smithy: Born in the early 60's to a rural working class family. Would have gone to a secondary modern school and achieved very little in the way of qualifications. Would have likely found an apprenticeship local to his village as a builder, carpenter or even a farrier. I don't really see him getting involved in the punk movement, he'd probably be more of a prog-rocker. Advances in medicine would mean tragic backstory didn't happen and he'd likely still be living with his childhood sweet-heart within a days walk of where is grew up.

Wildmane: Would have ended up far more like myself than I'd usually like to admit. Classic rebel without a clue as a teenager, I can see him studying politics and being a vocal Green party activist these days. Not sure what he'd do as a job, probably something boring that he (not so) secretly hates.

Failhbe: ... Bugger. Ok, let's think this one out a bit. Born in rural northern Scotland from a family of fishermen. Just looked up some facts about the prospects for people who relied on fishing in rural Scotland in the 90s. That was depressing. So, he finds something that's decidedly /other/ and interesting plus he's got an inquisitive mind. Science! That gives him a good excuse to leave the home he knows to the scary south for university and find out that the English aren't that bad. Now if he stays down south to do a PhD he can even have layers of guilt about not going home and looking after his poor family.

Piglet: He's old enough to be a baby-boomer and from one of the rougher parts of London. Not very bright to leaves school with nothing and joins the army. The army's good for him, teaches him a lot of valuable life lessons and keep him out of crime. I don't see him getting promoted far beyond Corporal, but the job suits him well. He'd have been retired from that for a while now, perhaps he'd have gone into private security on leaving? I can see him as a crusty old security guard, complaining about his dodgy knee and reminiscing of his army days. Thinking about it, he'd also make a half-decent PE teacher.

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Kadija: The late 80s were not kind for travellers of any flavour (The Battle of the Beanfield was '85) so a young Kadija would have been very aware of the general dislike from both the local population and the government. Moving around would cause potential issues with education, but I suspect in the long run she fell more into the festival-running crowd (the little odd ones with a strong flower-child vibe) than anything else, maybe fairground folk.

Mistral: Would not have been born as the one-child policy came in a few years earlier. If she had been the eldest child, then her earliest memories would have been Tianamen Square and its aftermath, although at least her mother might still have been around. Being part of the Chinese rural poor of that era it's likely that she would have either stayed on the land, got married, and had a child, or gone to work in a factory, got married and had a child.

Alitae: Blue blood and blue collar, Alitae is probably in her 20s in human terms. Popular culture only had a bearing on her life as examples of how not to do things; Tyr'Urdrenn would be the sort of noble house that has enough money to look down on the newly wealthy and the breeding to not do so obviously. She almost certainly had a pony and a dancing master as a child and went to a boarding school in Switzerland to meet the right people; her family was likely militantly atheist (but again too well-bred to be obvious about it), and she almost certainly studied pharmacy or an acceptable science at Cambridge.

Meredith: Started life as a baby in the fostering system, probably near the Welsh border, towards the end of the 90s. Did relatively well due to a generally happy disposition but didn't establish that Felicity was her sister until they were both 18 and had access to sealed records about her parentage. Most likely went to community college and studied counselling (if available) or some sort of physical therapy otherwise.

Kavara: This is the interesting one; in human terms, Kavara is (and don't tell her) probably in her 70s and a great grandmother. That places her as a end-of-WW2 child; I see her as having happily been part of the hippy movement, although she would likely have fought her way into the sciences as part of the feminist movement too - while juggling a family life (although not spectacularly well). These days she's the sort of grandmotherly figure with the mischievous twinkle, definitely a bit Oggish.


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