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What song/s would your character enjoy most. Not what you thing fits them best or (necessarily) they would identify with most, but what would like listen to?

Smithy: A guy of two extremes. For working it's complex classical music. Composers like Liszt and Motzart and Rachmaninoff. For relaxing it's things that remind him of simple country life, tradiitonal folk music that can be sung along to and stamped out on a dusty floor.

Wildmane: Much the same as me when I created him. He's a rebel (who found a cause!) and has a seething resentment for the powers that be so tracks like Rage Against the Machine: Township Rebellion and Slipknot: New Abortion fit here.

Failbhe: This is tough. He had so many mixed feelings about his past as well as his present. Originally, Ye Jacobites by Name, these days, who knows.

Piglet: Things that remind him of military and glory. either simple marching songs or anything by Wagner.

Tirithon: Far too in-flux to say. It depends a lot on paying him more.

Bonus round:

Ovard: Amon Amarth: Under Siege. Talks about honour and laying down your life for your king. Check. Heavy as fuck. Check. Sold.

Date: 2016-04-15 06:38 pm (UTC)
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Oooh! Fun question :D

Rose - Likes hymns, preferably the jolly ones with rousing chorus lines you can hum whilst going about your daily life.

Katrin - Has a sneaking love of naughty folk songs, but wouldn't ever admit to it...

Eirlys - Folk songs, with a nature or romantic bent to them

Hattie - I think she's a jazz kinda girl

Seeker - No actual clue.

Ossia - isn't really music lover, though I reckon she might enjoy one of those 'relax tot he sound of nature' style cds you get

Rainbow - Anything, everything! It's All Amazing!

Date: 2016-04-15 10:12 pm (UTC)
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Mistral - soothing instrumentals, possibly of the sort found on self-meditation playlists.

Alitae - big inspiring choral works with the occasional Disney moment when no one is listening.

Kavara - Probably the most eclectic by a long shot. Most likely to approve of Bellowhead and their ilk, but also E Nomine and theirs. It's all about experience and variety.

Meredith - Songs like REM's Shiny Happy People, various Disney-esque things - feel-good music, basically. May go a bit Sound of Music if left to own devices for too long.

Kadija - folk songs, especially dirty ones.

RanVeer - something with a good dance beat that she can feel all over. Alas, in-world music is limited to basic orchestral.


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