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Everyone is talking about pokemon at the moment so I figured I'd join in. I've decided to starta Nuzlocke run at pokemon yellow. The rules of this run are the usual Nuzlocke rules of:
- You can only catch the first pokemon you encounter in a given area (exception given for duplicates). If that pokemon faints then tough, you get nothing.
- If a pokemon faints then it is considered dead and released.
- Giving pokemon nicknames so you bond with them and care more when they die is encouraged.
In addition I'm going making this more interesting by adding the rules:
- Can only use each pokemon centre and pokemart once.

That should be suitably crazy. Time to see how the epic adventure of Crazy vs John plays out.
Starting pokemon: Pikachu, nickname: sparks.
Viridian Mart: buy pokeballs and potions.
Route 1: caught! Pidgey level 4 (Thank goodness! also I didn't crit and kill it), nickname: Alice.
Route 22: caught! Mankey level 3 (Whoo! Could not have done better as his low kick will make Brock far less painful!), nickname: Bert

Use my Viridian city heal so that I can start levelling Bert.

Route 2: caught! Rattata level 4 (Not complaining), nickname Catherine
Viridian Forest: caught! Metapod level 4 (Balls, I guess this makes up for finding Bert on Route 22), nickname: Derek
Casualty! Catherine becomes the first to bite the dust. Was using her at 3 hp from the capture against a trainers metapod (forgetting that if you evolve them from caterpie rather than find them as a metapod they get something other than harden - rookie error) took a tackle to the face. RIP Catherine level 4 - level 4

Pewter City:
Use my heal here immediately but save from buying potions until I have money after beating Brock.
The Gym:
Going in the group looks like:
Bert: level 9 Mankey
Sparks: Level 9 Pikachu
Alice: Level 9 Pidgey
Derek: Level 7 Metapod
And I have two potions left. Let's see how this goes.
Bert gains a level defeating the rookie trainer and needs a potion.
Bert then defeats Brock and gains another level! Whoo!
Buy potions and roll out.

Route 3:
Jesus! These trainers are Brutal! Trying to level up Sparks he's been poisoned. That's going to seriously cramp my ability to level him before Misty.
Evolution! Derek has evolved into a Butterfree, about damn time, now I have a physic attack and a pokemon that isn't a total liability!
caught! Spearow level 9 (Not too bad and fits into the level of the group nicely.) nickname: Erin.
Thankfully I made it to the pokemon centre JUST before Sparks died from the poison, note to self, buy anitdotes!
Accidentally bought a Magikarp from the dodgy bloke in the pokemon centre as well, everyone say hello to Frank.

Mt. Moon
Oh, how I hate this cave. Please let me find a geodude first.
caught! Zubat level 11 (the level is good, so I'm not complaining, Zubat is awful though...)
Casualty! Erin died fighting the grass type trainer in the main area, took a critical vine whip from bellsprout. RIP Erin level 9 - level 10.

Route 4:
caught! Ratatta level 10, nickname: Cathy II.

Cerulean city: Heal immediately because this is the state of the party after releasing Erin, but before dropping off Frank and taking out Gabby and Catherine the second

Which is, incidentally, also the exact team that went in to battle Misty.
Casulaties! Unfortunately Starmie got a critical bubblebeam on Sparks whihc 1 hit KO'ed him, brought in gabby to drop a supersonic and instead took a watergun 1 hit KO :( quick attacks from Catherine the second and Alice eventually finished the fight, but at a huge cost.
RIP Sparks level 5 - level 19. RIP Gabby level 11 - level 11.

Immediately after that I heal and stock up on potions and antidotes plus some more pokeballs.
That's where I am so far, things were going pretty well until a disastrous battle with Misty, I really should have trained up Sparks more before that fight, but thought it would be better to have him healthier for battling the bridge and my way to Bill's house.

mini-update: I'm now dirt poor and out of potions, but I made it to Bill's without losing anyone and gained a level 14 Oddish called Hattie. Going to go out on a limb and rule that the other starter pokemon that you can get for nothing around now probably aren't in the spirit of Nuzlocke (plus with Pikachu perm-PCed as you can't release him in yellow I won't be able to get the best one anyway).

Date: 2016-07-28 04:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
+50,000 points if you somehow manage to get Gyarados!

Date: 2016-07-29 05:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
See part two for more info on Frank and if trying to level him up worked out or not...


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